Smart TrackEX

It is a wireless communication system for localization, data collection and control for use in the industrial sphere, stores, shops, or logistics centres. The objective of automated inventory systems is used for auditing physical inventories in the warehouse and report accurately.

Warehouse Management & Inventory Control System performs full inventory management utilizing a combination of technologies, including RFID tags, RFID readers, barcodes, sensors, WI-Fi networks and the Internet. Additionally, the system software provides the capability to categorize each inventory item, which is easily and quickly set up to meet the individual company requirements.

Our Solutions

Current Challenges

  • Excess Inventory and Overstock Items

  • Failure to Keep Track of Daily Stocks

  • Search & Locate the Product Just-in-Time

  • Manual Product Audit & Inaccuracy stocks

  • Locate & remove Expiry Products

  • Daily Consolidated Stocks in the Warehouse

  • No accurate information to support management decisions

  • Physical and virtual stock list items may vary accordingly in the warehouse

Industry Solutions

Library Book Management

Library Management Solutions, our RFID Library Management Solution is an easy to use the modern Library Management Solution which is suitable for both school and public libraries. This Library RFID Solution will fully modernize and automate all library processes.

Manufacturing/Production & Warehouses

Manufacturers primarily use inventory management software to create work orders and bills of materials. This facilitates the manufacturing process by helping manufacturers efficiently assemble the tools and parts they need to perform specific tasks.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Inventory management in healthcare facilities has always been considered as an ancillary function. It is perceived as an area of low value, and overlooked because of the critical and demanding needs of patients, which of course always takes first priority.

Benefits & Return on Investment